Як виглядати спортивно на фото, навіть якщо у вас є зайва вага

Как выглядеть спортивно на фото, даже если у вас есть лишний вес

Всі хочуть збирати лайки в Instagram, але не всі володіють відповідними фізичними параметрами. На щастя, блогерша з Фінляндії Сара Пухто ділиться секретами з FitnessGuide, як ідеально виглядати на знімках за допомогою освітлення і правильно підібраною пози.

Instagram vs reality 👙🌿 I haven’t worked out consistently for almost 2 months. I had exams and have been on holiday for a month now and just haven’t gotten back into my routine of working out and that’s okay!! I’ve been eating ‘unhealthy’ food everyday because I don’t have access to this kind of food at home, but I have no regrets. Don’t stress yourself out by forcing yourself to eat clean and workout everyday if it doesn’t make you happy. Don’t stress about not having abs or not having your body looking «perfect», because it’ll just cause you unnecessary stress and unhappiness. Eat what makes you happy and do what makes you feel like you’re living your life to the fullest!! Because life is shorter than we realise. We all have body fat and it’s completely normal! Don’t hate your body and let that ruin your time whether you’re on holiday or not. Don’t stress about how you look in a bikini or any other clothes. We are our own worst critic, and people don’t care about the way you look nearly as much as you think they do. Looks aren’t everything!! You are lovely and amazing the way you are and you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself!!! 🌴☀️ ————— . . . #bodypositive #nobodyshame #loveyourbody #selfesteem #selfacceptance #stopcomparing #thankyourbody #youareworthit #youareunique

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Сара стверджує, що більшість моделей не так ідеальні, як це здається на перший погляд. З допомогою деяких лайфхаков можна приховати всі проблемні моменти. Вона у своєму блозі показує, як потрібно правильно робити фото, щоб прибрати живіт і стегна.

Don’t hate your body 🌿 don’t tell yourself you’ll be happy when you lose x amount of weight or get abs or have a flat tummy. Because it doesn’t magically change your perspective of yourself. Enjoy your body and love every aspect of it now. Don’t be afraid of it, or what people think of it, including yourself. Don’t take your body for granted, don’t hate it. In 40, 50, 60 years you’ll look back and miss the mobility, flexibility, strength you have now. You won’t look back at old photos and think that you needed to change your body because you won’t realise what an incredible body you have until now it’s too late. Don’t waste your time comparing your body to others. You are unique and your uniqueness should be celebrated. Don’t be ashamed of how your body looks, we all have some form of body fat, cellulite and/or stretch marks. You are amazing the way you are and you deserve to feel confident in your own skin. 🌴☀️ ————— . . . #losehatenotweight #nooneisperfect #lovewhatyouhave #learningtoloveme #bopo #instagramvsreality

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Дівчина розповідає про те, що вона витрачає багато часу на кожен пост в соціальних мережах. Іноді доводиться зробити більше сотні знімків, щоб отримати відповідний контент.

Tummy fat 🌿 I posted a similar photo a few weeks ago but I wanted to post a sitting down version! I know many people think that if you have a flat tummy standing up, you’ll have a flat tummy sitting down. But that’s not the case!! I always thought if I got fit and had abs I would magically always have abs. But in reality that isn’t true at all. We all have tummy fat!! And that’s completely fine! It doesn’t make you «ugly» or «unhealthy». This fat is vital in protecting our organs! You don’t need to have a flat tummy 24/7 to be considered «beautiful», you are beautiful in your own way and you don’t need to obsess over something like a flat tummy!! Because at the end of the day having a flat tummy doesn’t change you as a person. You are wonderful as you are now! 🌴☀️ ————— . . . #loveyourbody #youarebeautiful #bodypositive #lawofattraction #spreadlove #lifelessons #stopcomparing #youaregoodenough

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Сара мотивує багатьох дівчат і радить не соромитися свого тіла, особливо не переживати з-за зайвої ваги. Пухто каже: «Фото в медіа не завжди відповідають дійсності, а цифри на вагах не завжди відображають реальну фізичну форму».

Instagram vs reality 🙆🏼🌿 this Posting to show you guys how different posing and ways of wearing clothes makes your booty look! For Instagram photos I usually wear my «at home» shorts pulled really high while posing to make my booty look big. But in reality I usually wear my shorts at waist level. This is why you shouldn’t compare your body to anyone else’s!! We all look completely different just by adjusting small things like poses and clothing! So please don’t be harsh on yourself because you don’t look like someone!! You don’t need to change your body!! Change your mindset about your body because you are perfectly amazing just the way you are!! In the end all that matters is doing what makes you happy and comfortable. Also don’t let others judge you on how you wear your clothes on your body!! I hope you guys have the lovely day you deserve!! 🌴☀️ ————— . . . #bodylove #selfconfidence #stopcomparing #bootyfordays #bewhoyouare #bodypositivity #allbodiesarebeautiful #youareenough #youareworthy #thinkpositive

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